Digital Bytes – 13th May, 2019


Students Should Share their Process – Not Just the Product

John Spencer talks about how when he was growing up there were shows on TV like Bob Ross that took him through the creating process step by step and inspired him to create for himself. John then goes on to share 7 excellent reasons why students should share the process of their learning. I highly recommend it. 

Google Images Helped Researchers Better Understand the Diet of Africa’s Largest Eagle

Eagles are declining across in many parts of sub-saharan Africa. Researchers used a free web-based app called Morphic to search across websites, social media and photography platforms to help them better understand the diet of these birds of prey. They discovered some things that they never knew before.

The Life Changing Magic of a Tidy Google Drive

As the year comes to a close, many people might benefit from tidying up their Google Drive. Although there are a ton of things you can do, you may want to start with these 3 tips for cleaning up your Google Drive.

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