Digital Bytes – 27th May, 2019


When Did We Get So Scared of ‘Screen Time’?

The largest studies of screen time have found a small correlation between using technology and the well-being of children. However, we need to look closely because wearing glasses actually has a larger negative correlation than using technology. Technology has a slightly higher negative correlation than eating potatoes. Alarmist articles are often to blame for people’s worries about technology. Check out the article for more information and tips for parents.

Make Your Classroom More Like a Playground than a Playpen

In this article, the author discusses the 6 playground behaviours that teachers can promote: content creation, creativity, choice of conduct, communication, collaboration, and community building. She also discusses how to rethink assessment in your classroom.

GIFs in the Classroom

Everyone loves a great GIF. Julie Smith shares some great ideas for using GIFs in the classroom. Her students look to represent synonyms and antonyms, traits and feelings of characters or using GIFS as an exit card. Check out these ideas and more on her post.

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