Digital Bytes – 26th August, 2019

How to Make Handwriting Editable Text with Google

Google has a few ways that you can change handwriting into editable text. The first is Google Keep and the second is the OCR tool that is built into Google Drive. Find out more about these options in this article.

Lastpass for Passwords

This is the time of the year that we are teaching students about passwords and so it is a good time to reflect on our own password habits. Take it from someone who has gotten burned in the past, don’t use the same password for multiple things. I would highly recommend using a password manager like Lastpass. Check it out.

Coding Games for Kids to Learn Programming

Programming is a set of instructions or commands. Learning about programming can support student learning about computational thinking. There are a number of great games out there for kids and this article lists what they think are the 11 best games for kids to get exposed to and learn about programming. Some, like Minecraft, may not surprise you but there is probably something there that you haven’t heard of.

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