Digital Bytes – 20th January, 2020


UNICEF – Screen Time is a Human Right for Kids

With researching showing that the effects of screen time being too small to make restrictions, UNICEF has said that it should be a right for children to have access to the internet and screen time. There is a podcast as well as a short video which looks at how connectivity is a game changer for a boy named Vikas who lives in a slum in Mumbai.

How Making a Podcast Enriched Students’ Lives

This is a great article from NPR sharing the power of student created podcast. Not only were the students engage but the creation process and supported students self-confidence and they loved sharing their passions.

People are Reading Entire Novels on Instagram

The New York Public Library has put entire novels on Instagram. The novels are all part of the public domain and people are loving their new Insta Novels.

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