In February 2018, Because I Am focus group and Generation. Education. Period. collaborated in the screening of the documentary ‘Driving With Selvi’. This documentary followed a lady’s incredible journey to becoming the first woman driver in South India. Selvi, a child bride, ran away from her abusive husband, and was planning to throw herself under a bus. As the bus was approaching she decided to board the bus instead and ended up getting her driver’s licence and founding her own family. Generation. Education. Period. and Because I Am both aim to educate our school about the importance of women empowerment. Following the screening, a questions and answer discussion with the director and Selvi herself. The screening was very successful as the audience had come up to us and told us how eye opening this experience was. We are hoping to organise other screenings or similar events in the future. – Written by Brooke Cohen on behalf of G.E.P