When we were introduced to Freedom Cups through the presentation Rebecca, a founder of the company, gave during one of our sessions, we knew their values aligned with ours and working with them would help further our service and give us a chance to impact our local community and global community in a positive way. Considering we had been looking for purpose for the majority of the first term, it was crucial that we began securing our partnership with Freedom Cups as efficiently as we could.


Our first method of action was to bring Freedom Cups to the school shop, and to do this, we contacted Simon Thomas, the head of facilities, and Nick Alchin, the principal of high school. Our group communicated through email about our plans to bring Freedom Cups to the school shop and had a meeting with Mr Alchin to discuss the logistics and reasoning behind our idea, and it was approved. By the end of the week, Freedom Cups became available in our school shop in a small stock. The progress that we made with this plan allowed us to expose our message to our local community and broaden our horizons in terms of GC partnerships – Freedom Cups allowed us to choose where we send the second cup (according to their buy one-give one model) and through this, we could partner with Daraja, Because I Am, Kolkata or other services that have agendas that align with ours.