At the Annual General Meeting, Shrishti and I presented our accomplishments this year and our hopes for the next school year. Even though this event is only mandatory for Global Concerns, we believe this was a great opportunity for us to celebrate our progress, as well as, learn from other services to improve our plans for next year.

We found that many Global Concerns kept in touch with their NGOs through writing letters, emailing and Skype calls. By regularly contacting them, they were able to build a solid relationship. Maintaining our partnership with Green Umbrella in our early years had been difficult. Our lack of communication brought an end to our relationship with them. We will need to use the tips we heard from other Global Concerns to maintain our relationship with Freedom Cups and Moving Mountains.

This year many Global Concerns has also partnered with other groups at our school to improve their events. ACE, Daraja Academy, and Ladakh co-hosted Run for Rights. This event partnered with the Cross-Country team. Jakarta Street Kids had Design Technology students design products to be created at the centre in Indonesia. Blue Dragon had hosted the ‘Hackathon’ which involved many Computer Science students in creating an app to track human trafficking. It all comes to show that we have a school of students who have strengths that can help us in achieving our goals collectively! We will be keeping this in mind when planning events.

Written by Brooke