The rationale for this project is to get more books into the library that tell stories surrounding period poverty and demystify periods themselves. The final outcome would be to set up a stand that would catch the attention of people in the library and hopefully encourage them to pick up a book. We looked up books on sites such as Amazon that would best impart knowledge and understanding on the reader  about this topic.  So far we had contacted Sue Toms, the librarian, just before the circuit breaker period started. As of now, the project has been put on hold as we are not certain when we would return to school. Ms. Toms had ordered the books, so we hope that when we return to school, we can start thinking about how to set it up. We are also thinking of putting up posters around school to advertise the new books in the library. Being a part of this project is exciting as I have an affinity for books and was especially surprised to find that there are authors who share the same ideals as I do.