The week we transitioned to online school we began setting up meetings to continue our work in GEP! Luckily, most of our projects were able to be continued online. We have continued to meet together at the beginning of the meeting for a debrief, and split off into our project groups. 

One of our new ideas that have come up because of this situation is organising a virtual menstrual cup workshop with Empowering Women of Nepal, led by Freedom Cups. We are excited about this as we are hoping to ship menstrual cups to their NGO to kickstart our project before we visit in April. This would allow the staff to understand the product before promoting it amongst their community, which will be very important for the success of our project.

Unfortunately, due to COVID19 related restrictions, both Freedom Cups and Empowering Women of Nepal have had to temporarily stop providing their services. Amazingly, Freedom Cups has continued to be active on social media to continue spreading awareness. Additionally, Empowering Women of Nepal continue to answer our questions as we are currently applying for funding.