This year, we built our relationship with our NGO partner Empowering Women of Nepal by working closely with them by planning educational menstrual health workshops. We tried to understand what their needs were and how we could respectively clarify any misconceptions about the issue. We hoped to teach these classes either on a Project Week trip with Maya and Brooke involved, or on the Moving Mountains trip in October, however due to the COVID-19 regulations, the school had to cancel Project Week, which prevented the opportunity to build these relationships with our NGO partner and the women we are supporting. However, we worked around this setback to create new ideas and activities in the educational menstrual heath workshops for EWN. Our partnership with ‘Freedom Cups’ (a NGO in Singapore who spreads awareness about menstruation through selling sustainable menstrual cups) was developed further, by making the connection between our Singaporean NGO and our Nepalese NGO. We contacted Freedom Cups, and explored the idea about distributing menstrual cups to the EWN trek guides. After finalising our workshop planning, we have decided that we would meet the women we are supporting during the 2020 October break.