On Sunday, Brooke, Ran, and I had a great conversation with Yi Wen. Yi Wen is from UWC Changshu, China. She had contacted us as she saw our GEP portfolio after her teacher recommended it. She said she was having issues in her school regarding destigmatizing periods in her school. She wanted to start an initiative to make pads and tampons free in her school. Coincidentally, Damini and I are working on a project to make sanitary products free at our school. She has tried to propose this plan to her school; however, they were concerned that this topic is too taboo. The nurses were also concerned with the safety of tampons. We have shared our experiences and tips with her and are sharing resources to help her with her initiative. We proposed that she gather a team of students to work on this project with her. We suggested that she make a video like we have to destigmatize menstruation and place stickers advertising the free products once she is able can carry out her project. Super keen to hear back from her!

Written by Lexie Cohen