Today is World Menstrual Health Day! Today I have been reminded of the freedoms I gain from having access to menstrual products, including daily activities like exercising and going to school. I am so blessed that I, along with the rest of my school community, friends, and family members, have access to this basic necessity. With this in mind, it also troubles me to think that menstrual products are often considered a luxury. Why should this basic human right, the right to manage a biological process, be so difficult to obtain? I am so distraught that there are still so many women in the world who are stigmatized against a natural process that happens to all women. By being part of the Generation Education Period, I have really come to appreciate the freedoms granted to me by simply being able to afford menstrual products. Additionally, I have also come to realize the importance of spreading awareness about period poverty as access to menstrual products can dramatically change the opportunities one can receive. Here is an amazing Global Campaign Video you should watch to learn more about the movement!