In order to celebrate International Women’s Day (IWD) GEP helped create and run an assembly along with other focus groups to advocate and share the focus group’s goals and missions, During this assembly, we were able to share our mission and what we have been doing in terms of the free menstrual products at the nurse’s office, along with the donation box which is found in front of the service office. As we knew that there was a large audience of individuals who may have not known about the mission, we created a video to Break the Stigma¬†surrounding period poverty, which had male members of our community share their voices regarding ways which we can eradicate the stigma and to make period poverty and menstruation an every day conversation. From an audience stand point, the way which the message of GEP’s missions and goals were portrayed allowed individuals who may have not known GEP learn more about the focus group, and hopefully allow indivdiuals to feel more comofrtable talking about diffrent issues raised with mensturation. As a commuinty, we hope to break the stigma and for the members of our community to advocate for people who bleed’s rights. This assembly was sucessful in sharing the messages and we hope that in the future we can work on more projects such as these!