During the past weekend, the school hosted a family festival where GEP was able to create a stall that allowed us to help sell the freedom cups to the wider UWCSEA community. During this time, we were able to share our message regarding period poverty, our goals, what we have been up to, and raising awareness in this area. We found that this experience allowed us to share our message with individuals who may have not been exposed to this group. There were instances where we were able to go out into the fair and share more about the stall, allowing individuals to be able to become more interested in these areas. In the end, we were able to sell 10 cups! This has allowed us to be able to provide 10 cups to individuals who bleed and may not have access to menstrual products.

In the end, we feel as if this was a great opportunity to share our message regarding period poverty and menstrual health. After the end of International Women’s Day, sharing our message regarding this area within our community was very important!