PSE: Key Takeaways

I feel like the more you know yourself the better control you will have over life. But how does one know themselves? What do you look into? Are you a curious person? How well do you work with others? How strong is your emotional intelligence? And how do you apply your knowledge of identity, personality types, […]


09/09/2018 Peace Conference This conference organised by the IFP Singapore team was really helpful and informative for us who are new to IFP, it was honestly such a fun experience because I got to meet the Dover students who were lovely people. One of the activities which I found to be the most interesting was […]

3 things I know about the grade 11 Life

From various people, I know that Highschool or more specifically grade 11 won’t be easy. We aren’t just kids anymore, we are on the verge of going to college despite it being in another 2 years, it will pass by real quick. Those 2 years will be challenging and that’s one thing I know about […]

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