Ballet Reflection I

I’ve finally done it!!

Passed Inter-Fountadion with high merit and with only one more year to go until my ballet training is complete and I can become full-fledged ballet teacher.

Quite recently, I had a ballet exam during my IGCSE exams. It was definitely a very stressful period of time for me as I had to juggle between spending time studying for school and practising for dance.  My dance teacher, Jaena had asked me to skip a year after grade 7 and head straight to Intermediate Foundation as I was already strong enough to be able to move up a grade (I have been dancing since I was 5).

Despite having to spend time on studying and dancing, I was able to pass my exams with a high merit, a couple of marks off a distinction. This comes as a surprise to me and I understand that it is possible, if only I am willing to work hard.

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