Grade 5: Drowning Dreams Book Launch

Something that inspired me to start writing poetry was the Grade 5 exhibition. My mother, an author at the time (2013)  had recently published her book ‘A Gentleman’s Word’. Our family had always enjoyed reading and writing and basically studying literature not as a subject but more as a passionate hobby. As a child, I was constantly introduced to different genres of books and naturally, I tended to enjoy them.  The idea of poetry was introduced during the last unit in English class which coincidently happened to be at the same time as the exhibition. My friends (Hazel and Alex) and I were thinking of innovative ways to represent the issue of contaminated water as well as the social consequences. Hence, the idea of writing a poem from the viewpoint of a child suffering from the outcomes of the Haiti earthquake.

Personally, I think that poetry is a type of literature which tends to agitate and awaken the creator’s and the reader’s emotions as well as imagination.

Frankly, I feel that it helps to open my feelings and find what I am trying to maybe unconsciously hide, like my insecurities or terrible past experiences.  A reason as to why I continue to write poetry is because it helps me to express and reflect the conflicts that happen within family and friends. A specific event that triggered my interest in writing poetry was when my mesho (uncle) had passed away in 2010. At the time, I was seven years old and I remember sitting on the couch, facing the corpse and looking at everyone wailing and not feeling anything at all, though as I distinctly remember, he was very close to me. I was never able to comprehend what had happened at the moment and all I can remember now is the sound of obnoxious sobbing and screaming.  Yet, when we started the poetry unit, all the suppressed emotions of grief and shock seemed to have surrendered their defenses and had scattered themselves over the paper.

Note: My poetry from this period is up on my portfolio blog under Primary Poetry.

Images from the book launch:

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Mum, Aunt, Rai and I,

Reached the hospital.


Big and tall,

Big and tall.

All rooms were dark,

No light to be seen.


We were led to him,

My dearest uncle.


He smiled,

I leaned over him,

On the hospital bed.


I didn’t know what to say.

I looked into his pale eyes,

Like the colour grey.


Wires stuck out of him,

Some pipes filled with blood,

Some with medicine.


I whispered,

Don’t go,

Don’t go.

Don’t leave us alone,

Stay with us forever.


But tonight was the night,

He had to leave.


His eyelids fluttered,

And they suddenly closed.

His relaxed body,

Said goodbye.


Don’t go,

Don’t go.

Stay with us forever.


We started to weep,

Like princesses in danger,

Needing help to be saved from the ogre.


Tomorrow was the day,

The day of the funeral.


My lips sealed through,

the whole ceremony.


We all stare at the dead body,

Wrapped in crystal white.


We all cry,

No words.

His family’s love,

Dies together.


The whole day we stand,

by the faithfull man,

The one who played with us,

His arms like green leaves.


I remember, I remember.


It was time,

They picked up the body.

And laid it in the van,

To burn into smoke and ash.


We all cried,

Our love died.


Don’t go,

Don’t go.

Stay with us forever.


I whispered once again,

“You may be gone infront of me,

But you aren’t gone from here,

My heart”

Love never dies.

You will never go.

You will never go.


Here we are,

On a freezing cold surface.

The thick  fog covers my face.


I am as cold as ice.

Wearing a sweater, under a sweater,

Under a coat.


I shiver.


He fastens the belt,

I hold on.

It’s an enclosure.


I have 15mins,

I need to do my best.


A ladybug flutters past.

A good luck sign.


He lets go,

I jump.


I jump high into the sky,



I smile.

The ladybug was right,

I am having fun.


I close my eyes,

I am flying.


I am flying,

Higher than the rain clouds that held me down.

I am flying, I smile.


The cold wind blows against my face.

I repeat to myself:


“I am happy, I am calm, I am free

I am happy, I am calm, I am free.”

WASABI ATTACK: Primary Poetry

Once my cousin said to me,

“Which one is crazy,

The wasabi or the soya seeds?”


Of course,

We are in the oldest,

And biggest,

The humungous, most favourite mall.

Of all.


By the fountain,

She never notices my

Cruel, sly smile.


“Of course,

Dear cousin.

Take a bite,

Slurp it all up,

Slurp up the wasabi.”


“Oh go on now,

It’s ever sooo sweet.

Just like sugar,

Mildest in taste.”


Silly as a goose.

She opened the packet.



She squeezed it into her mouth,


Stuffing it all in.


Her face went red.

Redder than tomatoes.

She jumped high,

Into the sky.

Nearly hitting her head on the ceiling.


She screamed like a mandrake.

Instead screachier.

She roared like a tiger.

Instead louder.

She howled like a wolf.

Instead longer.


Her hair ripped open,

Like a tornado.


It lashed me in the face


She caught me by the collar.

Lifted me high in the air.

Her face up close to my nose.

With steam out of her ears.



She shouted

And flung me into the fountain.


By golly was I wet,

All soaking head to toe.


“You should be in here lady!

You are the one with the red tomato face! ”

IN THE LAND OF NAROZ (Oz and Narnia): Primary Poetry

There was once a girl named Dorothy,

Who was often called the canary,

Because she had the perfect voice.

Like a golden harp it sounded,

Like butterflies flying in green air.

So she had no choice,

But to attract men wherever she walked.

She walked down the lane that looked completely insane.

The yellow bricked road,

She knew not to take,

But took it to lose the faces.


When she walked on and on,

Until she saw a change.

Nothing was normal around her ‘coz

She was in the Land of Naroz .


Dorothy realized she needed to break the spell,

Not just because of all the men.

But also because of the White Witch in her den.


The great cat Aslan,

Came to her help,

So mighty and strong,

Not falling for this spell.


He shook his mane,

As the dark side came.    

The 4 Kings and Queens,

Susan, Lucy, Edmund and Peter,

Armed with bows and arrows, swords and dagger.


To get through the war,

They fought the evil.

To0 much blood on the floor,

So much that the bright green hill,

Had turned into a hill,

Covered in red.

And Aslan had burned the Witch’s den.

The fire filled the den and claimed victory for all the men.


And finally the war was over.    

The spell was broken forever.

Dorothy was no longer as beautiful,

And spoke in a normal voice.

All the men walked away,

Seeking no beauty in her.


They all celebrated!


As they celebrated,

Sparkles formed around Dorothy,

She found herself rising  into the sky.

She floated across and waved good bye!


And poof!

Dorothy dissapeared.

Smoke swirled around the majesties.

But out of the smoke the Witch’s face emerged,


While the White Witch came towards them,

Her magic ring was still not destroyed, Aslan remembered.  

LOST IN A MAZE: Primary Poetry

Here I am stuck in a maze


this way, that way, this way, that way

When will we get out I cried

Just we’ll find a way out

He said


The Glass

Watch out

Be carefull dear father

Bump, Bump,Bump,Bump


Finally we are out of the maze

He looked at me

While I stood

As still as a tree;

As white as paper that was made

Just like today


My favourite place in all, my grandmother’s place.

The smell of the kitchen and the smell of the couch,

Remind me of daisies just lying about.


The touch of the old iron gate,

Like the warm feel of an abandoned ship.

The chipping walls crackle when you touch them gingerly.


When my grandmother cooks sweetdishes,

The dishes are flavours from heaven.

The colours of the rainbow flash through your head.

Fireworks burst everywhere.

You could jump in glee,

Or sit still and laugh “heehee!”.


The space is of love and arguments,

On the bed,

One pair of hands holding a snake,

Two pairs of hands climbing the ladders.

I scream and shout in boredom,

My sister cries and finally wails.  

Super Granny has won the game!


When a sunrise strikes,

The world lightens up,

A flock of white pigeons swoop down on the terrace.

Grandma gently casts the grains,  

The baby pigeons feed themselves,

Moving closer for more.

The feel of the wings,

Smooth as rose petals,

Sprinkled with water.


Walls of happiness surround this place,

The softness of the light, dim and fragile.

The hand of a person reach out to say,

I love you dear one, please don’t go away.


When you leave this lovely space,

The halls will darken, with evil taking its place.

The happy enclosure that was once there before,

Has disappeared in smoke, for no one lives there anymore.


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.


What really happens when a pirate plunders?

I wonder what happens when you suck air from a floating balloon?

Do you blow up into the sky?

And land in a spaceship with a nasty disguise?


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.


I do wonder about letting water flow around your house,

Flooding and splashing right through the walls.

Then switch on the freezer right I say,

And the whole house freezes right up and away!

So we ice skate around, graceful as dolphins by the bay.


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.


What happens when a girrafe swallows spagetti?

Does it get tangled around him and create a wreck?

Or just slip like string right down his long neck?


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.


If you were trapped in a solid block of ice,

And slipped downward right into the Niagara Falls.

What would happen if you suddenly hit a rock?

Would the block break and set you free,

Or squash you like a pie, with chocolate icing that is very tasty?


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.


How does it feel when you are sent to the gallows?

Does it hurt with pain for the longing of the sun?

Or does it muffle the cries of help heard by no one?


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.

What would happen if you met Robinson Crusoe and Friday?

Would you fall on them in shock?

Or would you tease and bully in a tone of mock?


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.


If you had a pegasus,

Would you fly in the sky and reach for the stars?

Or would you let him graze and poop in a yard?


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.


If a ghost rambled through your brain,

What would you do?

Would you squeal, shriek or shout in pain?


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.


What if a dragon swallowed your parents?

Would you barge right into his mouth,

And live inside the dragon’s belly,

To have fun and watch a lot of telly?


I wonder, I wonder, I wonder.


What would be the wonders of the world?

What goes beyond the life of human beings as we know it.

If we step out of our enclosed space and into the wild?

A SECRET WISH: Primary Poetry

What are your dreams,

That you wish for so badly?

What do you really want?


I want to live in a palace,

To be careless and be free.

And be perfect in everything,

So no one could say a word against me.


I want to be famous,

With my room flushed in blue,

And my bed to be surrounded by a pond.

So I can walk arround my room on lilly pads,

Smooth as glass under my feet.


But I also want to ice skate,

Right down the stairs.

And have a pet cheetah,

Named Mrs Cuddly PussyKins Ocealotiah.


But you see that this is not,

Even half the things I would possibly want.


Because I want to fly up in the sky.

And sit up in the clouds that are the colour of chalk.

To stay under water forever, like fishes that look at you like a hawk.


I wish for my uncle to come back to life.

Same with my grandfather who was very nice.

I want my mother to write more books,

And my father’s salary to increase so he would stop giving me looks.


But I would also want an older brother,

To annoy and irratate.

Right now I want a bigger bed,

To match my Prince Charming’s head.


I would have also liked if my alarm clock was a grand piano,

Playing Ludwig Beethoven’s piece Für Elise.

When I wake up in the morning,

In my face I would like it snowing,

Very soft snowflakes,

Falling like prancing dandelions


My hair to be as soft as silk,

To have a farm and see a calf drinking milk.


But you see,

That these are not the only wishes,

I could ever have.

I would never ask for anything more,

But one final wish.


Infinity wishes to last forever!

For then, there would never be a never!


My sister Rai,

Not very high.

Loves this singer,

Named Harry Styles.


She writes his name right across the mirror.

And posts his face on twitter.

She can never stop her silly things,

For Harry, cause she still loves him.


I don’t really mind his songs,

Or the way he talks and walks.

But I’d rather would’ve liked Orlando Bloom,

He’s goodlooking and appears in movies too.


But my sister always insists,

To have Harry’s face on her walls.

It seems she sees him all the time,

Like in the Phantom of the Opera when the bell chimes .

So she sings his name,

Around the house.

Hoping one day,

He’ll knock on the door

And ask her to be his bride.


Rai is only 14,

And I guess Harry is older,

So I doubt that this future will ever begin.

Yet she plants his stickers on her arms,

And travels around the world to see Harry perform.


She thinks he is handsome,

And never thinks he is tiresome.

For all she thinks is of Harry,

Is that he is gorgeous and sings beautifully.

She can never ever stop,

All the babbling she’s got.


She would do anything I reckon,

To meet Harry in person.

She paints her nails with stickers from 1D.

And watches the Red Nose Movie in HD.


Her wish is to be with Harry Styles,

For infinty years.

And live in a mansion,

With 1D songs playing all day long.


My sister will never fall for any other man but Harry Styles,

Even if she has to find him across a 100 miles.

She promised that even when she would marry,

Until she died she would still think of Harry.