Here we are,

On a freezing cold surface.

The thick  fog covers my face.


I am as cold as ice.

Wearing a sweater, under a sweater,

Under a coat.


I shiver.


He fastens the belt,

I hold on.

It’s an enclosure.


I have 15mins,

I need to do my best.


A ladybug flutters past.

A good luck sign.


He lets go,

I jump.


I jump high into the sky,



I smile.

The ladybug was right,

I am having fun.


I close my eyes,

I am flying.


I am flying,

Higher than the rain clouds that held me down.

I am flying, I smile.


The cold wind blows against my face.

I repeat to myself:


“I am happy, I am calm, I am free

I am happy, I am calm, I am free.”

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