Mum, Aunt, Rai and I,

Reached the hospital.


Big and tall,

Big and tall.

All rooms were dark,

No light to be seen.


We were led to him,

My dearest uncle.


He smiled,

I leaned over him,

On the hospital bed.


I didn’t know what to say.

I looked into his pale eyes,

Like the colour grey.


Wires stuck out of him,

Some pipes filled with blood,

Some with medicine.


I whispered,

Don’t go,

Don’t go.

Don’t leave us alone,

Stay with us forever.


But tonight was the night,

He had to leave.


His eyelids fluttered,

And they suddenly closed.

His relaxed body,

Said goodbye.


Don’t go,

Don’t go.

Stay with us forever.


We started to weep,

Like princesses in danger,

Needing help to be saved from the ogre.


Tomorrow was the day,

The day of the funeral.


My lips sealed through,

the whole ceremony.


We all stare at the dead body,

Wrapped in crystal white.


We all cry,

No words.

His family’s love,

Dies together.


The whole day we stand,

by the faithfull man,

The one who played with us,

His arms like green leaves.


I remember, I remember.


It was time,

They picked up the body.

And laid it in the van,

To burn into smoke and ash.


We all cried,

Our love died.


Don’t go,

Don’t go.

Stay with us forever.


I whispered once again,

“You may be gone infront of me,

But you aren’t gone from here,

My heart”

Love never dies.

You will never go.

You will never go.

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