WASABI ATTACK: Primary Poetry

Once my cousin said to me,

“Which one is crazy,

The wasabi or the soya seeds?”


Of course,

We are in the oldest,

And biggest,

The humungous, most favourite mall.

Of all.


By the fountain,

She never notices my

Cruel, sly smile.


“Of course,

Dear cousin.

Take a bite,

Slurp it all up,

Slurp up the wasabi.”


“Oh go on now,

It’s ever sooo sweet.

Just like sugar,

Mildest in taste.”


Silly as a goose.

She opened the packet.



She squeezed it into her mouth,


Stuffing it all in.


Her face went red.

Redder than tomatoes.

She jumped high,

Into the sky.

Nearly hitting her head on the ceiling.


She screamed like a mandrake.

Instead screachier.

She roared like a tiger.

Instead louder.

She howled like a wolf.

Instead longer.


Her hair ripped open,

Like a tornado.


It lashed me in the face


She caught me by the collar.

Lifted me high in the air.

Her face up close to my nose.

With steam out of her ears.



She shouted

And flung me into the fountain.


By golly was I wet,

All soaking head to toe.


“You should be in here lady!

You are the one with the red tomato face! ”

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