IN THE LAND OF NAROZ (Oz and Narnia): Primary Poetry

There was once a girl named Dorothy,

Who was often called the canary,

Because she had the perfect voice.

Like a golden harp it sounded,

Like butterflies flying in green air.

So she had no choice,

But to attract men wherever she walked.

She walked down the lane that looked completely insane.

The yellow bricked road,

She knew not to take,

But took it to lose the faces.


When she walked on and on,

Until she saw a change.

Nothing was normal around her ‘coz

She was in the Land of Naroz .


Dorothy realized she needed to break the spell,

Not just because of all the men.

But also because of the White Witch in her den.


The great cat Aslan,

Came to her help,

So mighty and strong,

Not falling for this spell.


He shook his mane,

As the dark side came.    

The 4 Kings and Queens,

Susan, Lucy, Edmund and Peter,

Armed with bows and arrows, swords and dagger.


To get through the war,

They fought the evil.

To0 much blood on the floor,

So much that the bright green hill,

Had turned into a hill,

Covered in red.

And Aslan had burned the Witch’s den.

The fire filled the den and claimed victory for all the men.


And finally the war was over.    

The spell was broken forever.

Dorothy was no longer as beautiful,

And spoke in a normal voice.

All the men walked away,

Seeking no beauty in her.


They all celebrated!


As they celebrated,

Sparkles formed around Dorothy,

She found herself rising  into the sky.

She floated across and waved good bye!


And poof!

Dorothy dissapeared.

Smoke swirled around the majesties.

But out of the smoke the Witch’s face emerged,


While the White Witch came towards them,

Her magic ring was still not destroyed, Aslan remembered.  

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