A SECRET WISH: Primary Poetry

What are your dreams,

That you wish for so badly?

What do you really want?


I want to live in a palace,

To be careless and be free.

And be perfect in everything,

So no one could say a word against me.


I want to be famous,

With my room flushed in blue,

And my bed to be surrounded by a pond.

So I can walk arround my room on lilly pads,

Smooth as glass under my feet.


But I also want to ice skate,

Right down the stairs.

And have a pet cheetah,

Named Mrs Cuddly PussyKins Ocealotiah.


But you see that this is not,

Even half the things I would possibly want.


Because I want to fly up in the sky.

And sit up in the clouds that are the colour of chalk.

To stay under water forever, like fishes that look at you like a hawk.


I wish for my uncle to come back to life.

Same with my grandfather who was very nice.

I want my mother to write more books,

And my father’s salary to increase so he would stop giving me looks.


But I would also want an older brother,

To annoy and irratate.

Right now I want a bigger bed,

To match my Prince Charming’s head.


I would have also liked if my alarm clock was a grand piano,

Playing Ludwig Beethoven’s piece Für Elise.

When I wake up in the morning,

In my face I would like it snowing,

Very soft snowflakes,

Falling like prancing dandelions


My hair to be as soft as silk,

To have a farm and see a calf drinking milk.


But you see,

That these are not the only wishes,

I could ever have.

I would never ask for anything more,

But one final wish.


Infinity wishes to last forever!

For then, there would never be a never!

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