My sister Rai,

Not very high.

Loves this singer,

Named Harry Styles.


She writes his name right across the mirror.

And posts his face on twitter.

She can never stop her silly things,

For Harry, cause she still loves him.


I don’t really mind his songs,

Or the way he talks and walks.

But I’d rather would’ve liked Orlando Bloom,

He’s goodlooking and appears in movies too.


But my sister always insists,

To have Harry’s face on her walls.

It seems she sees him all the time,

Like in the Phantom of the Opera when the bell chimes .

So she sings his name,

Around the house.

Hoping one day,

He’ll knock on the door

And ask her to be his bride.


Rai is only 14,

And I guess Harry is older,

So I doubt that this future will ever begin.

Yet she plants his stickers on her arms,

And travels around the world to see Harry perform.


She thinks he is handsome,

And never thinks he is tiresome.

For all she thinks is of Harry,

Is that he is gorgeous and sings beautifully.

She can never ever stop,

All the babbling she’s got.


She would do anything I reckon,

To meet Harry in person.

She paints her nails with stickers from 1D.

And watches the Red Nose Movie in HD.


Her wish is to be with Harry Styles,

For infinty years.

And live in a mansion,

With 1D songs playing all day long.


My sister will never fall for any other man but Harry Styles,

Even if she has to find him across a 100 miles.

She promised that even when she would marry,

Until she died she would still think of Harry.

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