Kahaani Dance Practice

This is my first ever Kahaani Performance! This isn’t my first participation as I was a backstage manager during my GCSEs and I was a part of the Kolkata Global Concern.

Kolkata Global Concern supports an organisation called Voice of World that helps visually impaired and orphaned children in the city of Kolkata. The GC has been supporting this cause since 2001 and helps to raise awareness and support Voice of the World’s educational projects.

Voice of World is also a multi-unit non-profit Social Welfare Organization providing philanthropic services, since 1992, for the underprivileged especially the differently-abled.

The dance practices were really fun, they were definitely a new experience for me as I have never learned classical Indian dance. I usually like working backstage in productions and performances, but it was a wonderful experience to see how the dances are choreographed. At first, I was uncomfortable with the dance because it was a genre I wasn’t accustomed to.  However, over time I got more confident with learning the steps and practising them.

My goal during this process was to learn a new type of dance which helped me relate and connect to my extended family back in India. It gave me something to talk about with them, and while talking to them about the experience they were able to give me a deeper insight on what my culture meant and why it is significant in our family. I think that this showcase gave me an opportunity to explore something different. I really enjoyed working with my dance team.

Linked below is my Kahaani Dance Practice


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