CAS Reflection

Due to the lovely novel coronavirus, our services have been temporarily suspended. However, we still have weekly meetings discussing our service blog. We currently have barely anything on our blog, but we do have some ideas which we will eventually write down and post. I personally, really miss attending the Riding with the Disabled Association sessions. I especially miss interacting with the children and getting to know them better.


Although due to current events, we will not have extra out of school trips, we have been allowed new activities and global concerns. I have currently signed up to a student-led pottery club and am in the process of making a deep-sea clay fish. I also started another creative activity on Mondays which is origami.


Origami and Pottery:

To be honest, at first, I didn’t really want to do origami. I thought that it was one of the strangest arts I have ever done. For me, it seemed boring as I felt like the only things you could make were boats and birds. However, after joining this activity, my opinion on the form of art has definitely changed. There is an insane variety of things one can make by simply folding paper together. So far I have made a heart, a fox, a rose and a turtle. My goal by the end of this term is to make origami which is meaningful to me, as in recreating objects that I have in real life so that they have their own significance.


Currently, I’m really enjoying pottery, even though there is no definite teacher as it is a student-led activity. Despite the lack of help with exactly how to mould clay together, I began to make my little deep-sea fish. Right now, its a little too small, but my goal is to make an extensive family of deep-sea fish (like squids, octopuses, sharks, crabs) so that it can be a collection of aquatic animals.



A song lyrics which makes me think of CAS:


BTS’ ON – “bring the pain on”


In no way to disrespect the IB board, as well as not to say that CAS and IB are both painful but I feel like I’m ready to take IB and CAS head-on even though I have already made a couple of mistakes. I’ve learnt my lesson from these mistakes and I know that I will not do them again. If anything they have driven me to do my best this (and next) year.

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