CAS reflection: ORIGAMI

Although the recent coronavirus outbreak has slightly hindered the number of outdoor activities I have been able to do, I have access to origami paper which has allowed me to continue my experimenting with the art of origami. I have really been enjoying making these different pieces of paper art. I think that they are really helpful for wellness and well being. It is very therapeutic in times of stress, especially during what we are facing now. What I really enjoy the most about origami is that even though is it such a tedious process, the outcome is always beautiful and satisfying.

Origami is very special as for Japan it is the cultural symbol of simplicity, beauty, and peace. It is a way of creating something beautiful from something as simple as coloured paper.

My goal for this activity is to make almost like an aquarium of animals with different species such as dolphins, turtles and fishes. I think that the most challenging thing about this process is remembering the directions from the video and being able to replicate the actions again. It is also difficult to make sure that all the angles of the paper are equal so that the piece is able to balance on its own.


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