EE Reflection #3

Throughout the EE process, I undoubtedly enjoyed researching into my chosen topic. This is because it started out as a simple interest I gained through participating in a workshop led by my teacher on Balinese masks. I was pleasantly surprised to see how my interests in Theatre can lead me to undertaking an investigation. Through my research, this topic has become far more appealing to me, and is something I will take forward in my life. Nevertheless, I do acknowledge points in my research where my approach was lacking – where I could have carried out more extensive primary research. Perhaps an inclusion of a mask workshop led by myself, with participants consisting of my Theatre peers. This may have led to a more comprehensive research process, through which the evidence used in my EE could have been vindicable. However, my inquiry into various credible secondary sources, and my practical exploration in a professional Butoh workshop, provided me with a more wholistic perspective that I utilised to my advantage when in the process of writing my EE. This project has had a profound impact on my perspective of Theatre and its real world implications.

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