What worked? What didn’t work?

During the creative process, we tried out many different strategies and techniques to try and work together, but we didn’t really find one that worked. Ms Parr spoke to us a bit about the group dynamic and how it can work if we try to make it work, and I think I need to remember that almost any group dynamic can work. We just have to try and make it work. But then again, it’s also important to remember that you can only control yourself. You can’t control what others do. Just remember that.

Personal thoughts, feelings and challenges:

I did find myself feeling quite stressed during the whole creating process – worrying that we were behind, worrying that our costumes were bad, worrying that we would forget our lines – and there wasn’t anything I could do. I hope I can learn to stay calm and trust my group, because in the end, they pulled through and we did a really good performance.

What impact did all this have? What was the significance?

I think in the end, all the challenges we overcame helped me remember that in the end, everything turns out all right. And I’m not saying don’t put in the work – I’m just saying, even if you don’t do so well on one assessment, it provides a learning opportunity and perhaps you achieved more with a piece you’re not so confident with, than with a piece you love.