Digital Bytes November 30, 2015


flickr photo by rahego shared under a Creative Commons (BY) license
Making Icon-nections – An Inquiry Into Icons
Integration Specialist at Taipei American School, Pana Asavavatana, has written an excellent post about getting young students inquiring into common icons across core apps her school uses. Workflows, student samples and clear instructions will help you follow along easily. Kindergarten and Grade 2 modifications are included in her post. Check it out!
Split View and Slide Over
A great new feature in the newest iOS for iPads allows you to do have two windows open and running at the same time.
Depending on the app, you can adjust the size of the windows so they are split half and half (split view) or one larger window and one smaller window (slide over).
15 Features of Google Docs You Didn’t Know About But Should
One great thing about Google Docs being an online platform is that it is easy for improvements to be made and rolled out.
Here are 15 great features of Google Docs that you might not know about but should.
From the navigation sidebar to the research tool and voice typing, there is something new for everyone.

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