Digital Bytes – May 30, 2016


Adobe Spark
This is the moment you have been waiting for. Many of us have used Adobe Slate on the iPad for Visual Storytelling.

Adobe Slate has been transformed into Adobe Spark. Now you can do all the things you once did with Slate but on your computer. The bonus? You can even log in with your Google account – no more Adobe username.
3 Brain Teasers to Spur Logical Thinking & Collaboration

These 3 engaging riddles were created by TED-Ed to stretch student thinking and get them collaborating around ideas. You will need to stop the each video at a predetermined point so students get a chance to solve the problem before the solution is explained.
An aerial shot of a girl in a coat holding a cell phone up to her face. She's standing on a floor that's pink, yellow, and green from the lights shining down on it.
QR Codes Can Do That?

Many of us have used QR codes to link to a website but they can do so much more.

This article shares some of the cool things that QR codes can link to, like a voice recording, an email message, Google maps location and more.

Check out the possibilities at QR Stuff.

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