Digital Bytes 22nd August 2016

10 Reasons Every Teacher Needs a PLN
Sylvia Duckworth’s illustrations are becoming legendary in the edtech world, and this one about PLNs is no exception! The staff at TeachThought have added some ways of getting started with each of the 10 Reasons Every Teacher Needs a PLN, so why not extend your PLN by trying some out?
Real World Math: Things that Don’t Look Like Math but Really Are

Rebecca McClure shows us that kids are actually engaged in more mathematical tasks than people realise.

This article would be a great one to share with parents at the start of the school year, particularly those who have students in the early years.

Quik is a fantastic free app that allows you to quickly make slideshows on your iPad or iPhone.

You can tap and add photos and/or videos and even choose from a wide variety of music.

Your slideshow is created in minutes and then can be shared in a variety of ways.

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