Digital Bytes 29th August 2016


Not All Screen Time is Equal: Some Considerations for Schools and Parents

Jose Picardo provides a balanced look at screen time in this article for schools and parents. He addresses issues such as the media’s propensity for click-bait headlines that don’t advance the conversation, but instead feed the flames.
Six Good Places to Find Free Music and Sound Effects

We all know the impact music can have on creating a “movie in your mind”, so finding great examples of free music is really important. Look no further than Richard Byrne’s post on Six Good Places to Find Free Music & Sound Effects to get you started.
Handwriting Doesn’t Matter

This New York Times article examines some recent studies about handwriting and looks at them with a critical eye. Author Anne Trubek suggests we shouldn’t do something just because we’ve always done it.

When students can learn to type without looking at the keys, they achieve “cognitive automaticity” and are able to “focus on higher order concerns”.

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