Digital Bytes 7th November 2016


The iPad Conference over the weekend was an action-packed 2 days of fun and learning. We have decided to make this edition of the Digital Bytes have an iPad focus. Enjoy!

Visual Thinking
Two great apps we love for visual thinking are Adobe Capture & Adobe Illustrator Draw (both free). Create illustrations out of your photos, or draw over the top of a picture to create beautiful images, or use a combination of text and images to create visual notes. Remember to sign up for a class account and have your students log in with that as they are under 13.
Nicki Hambleton’s Precon, Learning & Thinking out Loud, had loads of resources for visual note-taking & visual thinking routines we urge you to explore!
Fantastic Maths Apps
Make sure you have a look at some of the great math apps we have available on our iPads. Have a look at Number pieces which is a base ten blocks app, Number line, and Fractions. The amazing thing is that they are available online as well.
Touchcast app
Touchcast is a fantastic green screen app with so many possibilities.
One of the coolest features is that you can put a YouTube video in the background of your video. You can also annotate videos and webpages.  

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