Digital Bytes – Dec 5th, 2016


DK Find Out
DK Find Out is a fantastic site for kids to look for age-appropriate information. There are articles, diagrams, videos, fun facts and quizzes.
Like the DK books, the website is visually rich and students can use a combination of text, images and video to learn more.
How Should Reading be Taught in a Digital Era?
Writer Liana Heiton states that the nature of reading has changed significantly in the past decade, however questions whether teaching practices have developed alongside. In the article How Should Reading be Taught in a Digital Era, she explores different online reading options and finishes with a quote from Katherine Hale: “But reading isn’t just reading print text anymore. Reading is reading the world.”
YouTube Kids
Learning something new often involves watching a video these days and our go to video site is YouTube.
YouTube kids is a free app which allows kids to search and find videos and not have to worry about advertising or inappropriate content/links.

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