If you only download one book from the iBook Store this year…


It should be THIS ONE.

The Joy of Professional Learning is an absolute goldmine.
The free to download text comes with 16 ideas for tailoring learning experiences depending on the time and space you have.  The text has been compiled by Apple Distinguished Educators like Kurt Klynen, and Cheryl Davis amongst many others.
The last chapter curates follow up resources, like this link to podcasts which focus on professional development.
The book is an excellent resource not only for teachers teaching teachers, but their ideas can also be adapted to use at any grade level.  
Free to use courtesy of Pexels

Looking for other amazing free to download resources?

Check out a few of our in-house authored texts, like Keri-Lee Beasley’s great read on Design Secrets or Dave Caleb’s gorgeous look at photography skill sets for any photog. 

Interested in curating your own text using iBook Author? 

See a coach today to talk about how.

Free to use Courtesy of Pexels

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  1. LBa says:

    thanks for the post…will check it out!

  2. Thank you for the mention Tricia! We are really excited about our new Joy of Professional Learning books, which not includes a new book of recipes by Guest Chefs from around the world. Follow us on twitter @joyofpl or Instagram @thejoyofpl

    Christine @ckdipaulo

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