Digital Bytes – 4 September, 2017



Book Creator on Your Computer


One of our favourite iPad apps, Book Creator is now available on your computer. You can sign in with your gmail account and start creating books right away!
You can even create libraries of books that can be shared and accessed by students and other teachers. To start out, you can create a library with up to 40 books. Here is a quick video tutorial to get you started.
Getting started with a Makerspace.

Maybe this is the year that you are going to start a makerspace in your classroom. Or maybe you want some new ideas for your existing makerspace.

This website gives you ideas for activities, materials, communication, access and more.
Lego Challenge Cards
If you have Lego in your classroom, check out this site.
There are some images of examples of challenge cards and, if you scroll the to bottom, you can submit your email address and automatically download 24 different cards.

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