Capturing the process.


In my classroom – a predominantly blogging classroom – things have to be different. I believe that it is my role as an educator to ensure that my students are given opportunities to grow as individuals, and are not treated as mere pupils who passively receive information. As a result, the traditional approach to teaching and learning, to assessment and evaluation, has to be modified. It is a difficult process for both the students and the teacher. It is a process in which the classroom becomes more of a studio where learners engage with concepts that they find interesting and personally relevant. It becomes a place where they are given opportunities to create their own networks and become experts in their chosen fields.  (For the full text by Konrad Glogowski , click here).

If blogs help us focus on the process, how can we focus on the process within that process?

It isn’t uncommon to overhear one student or teacher marvel over something another member of the community has produced and ask “how?!”

Meet a new free tool to help us document our thinking processes: Alice Keeler SlideShot

Capture the process of research, or writing, or curating resources, or auditing one’s media diet, of designing, of developing a presentation, of learning a new application, etc.


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