Digital Bytes 11 September, 2017


5 Great Podcasts for Kids (That Parents Will Love Too)
Whether it is for your classroom or for your own kids or kids you know, there is something for everyone in this list of podcasts for kids.
From Tumble, a science based podcast, to the Stories Podcasts and Mars Patel (Likened to a Stranger Things for 8-12 year olds), there is something for everyone.
Digital Note Taking Strategies that Deepen Student Thinking
Research stating that university students who take notes by hand instead of on a computer do better in recalling information. However, this is because the students typing take notes verbatim and don’t synthesize information.
When students make use of digital tools and strategies such as multimodal notes, concept mapping, digital content curation and organization, recall is greater and understanding is much deeper.
Google Cardboard – Create Your Own!
Some of you may have experienced Google Cardboard in the past. Now you can create your very own Google cardboard images with the Google Cardboard App!
Maybe you want to create images of your classroom, your grade level camp experience or even your holiday.





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