Digital Bytes – 25th September, 2017




Using the iPad Camera … for more than Photography
The amazing Cathy Hunt has written this blog post about how she uses the camera on the iPad for a wide variety of purposes.
From using the camera as a compositional tool, to using live filters to show tones and lines or creating tessellations with kaleidoscope apps, there is something for every classroom.
6 Awesome Uses for Revision History
When I think about revision history, I think about the ability to go back and look at a document and revert to a previous version.
This great article give other ways you can use revision history in the classroom such as tracking contributions in a group Google doc and tracking improvements of various versions.
7 tips for Planning a Makerspace
Have you always wanted to create a makerspace in your learning environment?
This site will give you 7 useful tips for getting started and help you to be successful. It all starts with creating a maker culture and organizing your space.

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