Digital Bytes 30th, October 2017

3 Fears About Screen Time for Kids and Why They’re Not True
This is a great TED talk about some worries that some people have about screen time.
Sara DeWitt doesn’t say that all screen time is the same. We need to look for balance and how we can engage with the students around the content that they are interested in.
Why and How to Teach Students to Write for an Online Audience
A lot of what we consume these days is digital. Whether that is a blog, a YouTube tutorial, or a podcast. Almost 70% of Americans get their news from social media. Michael Hernandez asks us to redefine writing and teach our students how to write using social media, blogs and video.
Explore by the Seat of Your Pants
Do you want to make connections to real scientists out in the field? Explore by the Seat of Your Pants is a free initiative which allows you to participate in Google Hangouts with scientists where you can learn and ask questions directly to the experts. Check out what is happening in November and watch previous recordings.

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