Digital Bytes – 8th January, 2018


Fastest Line at the Supermarket
This is a great example of how computational thinking in mathematics is all around us. This post clearly explains the steps of taking advantage of a trip to the supermarket to challenge kids to use what they know about a situation and make predictions about which line will move the fastest.
The Creative Process
Ed Sheeran’s song, Shape of You, is the most streamed track ever on Spotify, spent the most weeks on Billboard Top 10 and has almost 3 billion views on YouTube. The process behind creating the song is fascinating. From the fact that one of the writers brings a suitcase full of lego for Ed to build because he gets distracted to the fact that they didn’t originally write the song for Ed.
7 Makerspace myths
Is one of your classroom New Year’s resolutions to finally get that makerspace up and running?
Check out the 7 Myths Keeping Teachers From Designing Makerspaces. You don’t have to be an expert, the space you choose does matter and it doesn’t have to be high tech are just some of the things that stop people from creating a makerspace. Don’t let those myths stop you from bringing a makerspace into your classroom.

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