I didn’t know Google Forms could do that!


Did you know that you can have multiple google forms send information to the same sheet?

Yes, you can.

When you are ready to accept responses, choose the three dots instead of creating a spreadsheet:


You can make self-grading quizzes with google forms


Maximize the use of the confirmation message:

Once students are done with the form, you can direct your student to what they need to do next.

The default message is “Your response has been recorded.”

You can change that!

Customize the message to provide better-targeted information:


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  1. Uzay Ashton says:

    Thanks Tricia! I didn’t know you could send info to an existing spreadsheet. Good to know!!

  2. Andrew McCarthy says:

    There are lots of hidden tricks in Google Forms. Uploading a file via the Form is super useful and we used this for collating EE Reflections PDFs.

    1. Niki Dinsdale says:

      Customising the confirmation message a great idea on many levels. Thanks!

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