Six Conversation Starters about your Digital Literacy

How Good is your Digital Literacy Game?

Digital media literacy is just as important as financial literacy now: Who we appear to be online can significantly impact earning power. Read full text here

Select a question and topic to explore from the options below:

Should you legally be required to use your real name on social media platforms?

“A German court ruled in January that Facebook’s policy requiring users to use a real name is illegal, and that individuals using the platform must be allowed to use pseudonyms on their profiles.”

Read more to shape your opinion, click here.

Do we understand the ways our tech may be biased?

“Gender Shades is a preliminary excavation of inadvertent negligence that will cripple the age of automation and further exacerbate inequality if left to fester. The deeper we dig, the more remnants of bias we will find in our technology. We cannot afford to look away this time, because the stakes are simply too high. We risk losing the gains made with the civil rights movement and women’s movement under the false assumption of machine neutrality. Automated systems are not inherently neutral. They reflect the priorities, preferences, and prejudices—the coded gaze—of those who have the power to mold artificial intelligence.”


How exactly do you spot fake news?

What would a ‘digital detective’ do?


Do you know how to navigate poor arguments online?

There’s a lot of bad logic out there. WIRED’s Jason Tanz explains how to spot and fight the dumbest arguments online.


Just how influential is Facebook?

Should Facebook be regulated by individual governments?


Do you have the media-literacy to decide on the most relevant news stories for today?

There’s only one way to find out…give it a go here.

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