Digital Bytes – 19th March, 2018


OK Go Sandbox
If you are like me, you enjoy OK Go’s amazing videos like their Rube Goldberg machine and their dance in zero gravity.
Now they have teamed up with Google to create the OK Go Sandbox which is designed “to give teachers whatever tools they need to connect the joy, wonder, and fun in our videos to the underlying concepts that their students are learning.” Check out this fantastic video of them creating music with found objects in the classroom.


10 Creative Ways to End the Semester
I know it isn’t technically the end of the semester or term at school, but we do have our mid-term break coming up. If you are interested in going into that break in a fun and fantastic way with your students, check out this post. Projects can be anywhere from 25 minutes to a whole week.
Cain’s Arcade 5 Years Later
Catch up with Cain, who is now a 14 year old and in high school. The original viral video led to the formation of which helps supports week long maker sessions. Cain wants to be an engineer when he gets older and the original viral video helped raise $240,000 to help him towards that goal.

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