Three Resources to Spring into Last Term


April is a time to take a fresh perspective.

As the year just starts to turn into the final lap, this is typically a time for teachers and leadership teams to reflect on what we’ve done well and want to preserve as well as where we need to rethink strategy.

To help you with this process, we’ve curated three resources to check out:

One: Rotate to Ideate

“Why You Should Rotate Office Seating Assignments” via Harvard Business Review

“There are people who question the practicality of it for a company at the scale we are now. Some see it as annoying or a nuisance to move away from a friend or someone they’re working with on a project. But it’s been part of our culture since the start. It makes the company less clique-y. And it keeps us all from getting complacent”

TWO: The 15 Minute-Meeting

THREE: Lessons from the peak

This fantastic Youtube Playlist from INC gives you lessons from a wide array of characters. Each super short snapshot is a reminder of the different ways ‘peaks’ have been met.

If you’d like to curate a snapshot documenting the successes in your department, please reach out to a DLC for support.

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