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Never before in the life of a teacher has there been better access to content to consume for our practice.  But where do you keep those videos, articles, and images you want to come back to? If you’ve ever thought ‘ah! I wanted to read that…where did the link go?” this post is for you.

Here are three ways you can organize all the content you want to get to later:

  1. Pocket

You’ll love:

The way it syncs across devices, and even allows for the option to send articles to your Kindle (here‘s how) and tag content.

With the free Chrome Extension I can ‘Pocket’ items directly from my Twitter feed:

Read more about why people love it here


2.  Diigo

You’ll love:

Similar to Pocket you can synch resources across devices (all tools here). Cult of Pedagogy has a fabulous three-part series to get you upskilled on Diigo:


Bonus feature: check out how to use the outliner here

3. Feedly

You’ll love:

How Feedly brings new content to you whilst providing loads of customization options.


Bonus feature: create a team newsletter, here’s how


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