Now Literacies and CAS Critical Thinking

“There are two types of people in the world: the people who create the ideas that are shared, and then the people who just talk about them…You are putting yourself out there as a leader and a trendsetter…Sharing your ideas is one of the most powerful things you can do…”

-Dorie Clark regular contributor to Harvard Business Review (full media here)

#LO 1, 4, 5

LO 1: Awareness of strengths and room for growth

LO4:  Commitment and showing perseverance

LO5: Collaboration-working together towards a goal

Make a copy of the slides embedded below.

Option A) Add the information directly into the slides and then embed the slides (here’s how)

Option B) Use the slides to guide your own vlog or audio response

Option C) Interview another gr 11/12 student and discuss your answers and embed that recording

#LO 6 Engaging with Global Issues

#LO 6 Engaging with Global Issues

Option A) Do your research, embed the top five tweets around your issue (here’s how to embed a tweet), or put together a list of great resources for your team (Here’s an example list for GEP). Educate yourself on the history and meaningful campaigns sparked by hashtag activism here.

Option B) Create a Youtube Playlist (you can embed full playlists into a post) with five videos which help advocate for your cause.

Option C) Create a post as newsletter breaking down significant news related to your cause.  Check out Vox Sentences as a good mentor text to copy.

#LO 7 Consider the Ethics of your Actions

#LO 7 Consider the Ethics of your Actions

Moving from your current state to a desired state of action:

When you think about your present (current) state of engaging with an issue–or engaging with your team, consider ways to move to a more desirable state:

What do you need to subtract, and stop doing/thinking?

How can you extend your current thinking/behavior?

Might you need to flip a current thought pattern/behavior?

How can you graft a better approach from a different activity into your work with this team?

Option A: Print and fill it out with your team from a service group, take a photo and upload to a post

Option B: Vlog or audio record your response to the prompts

Option C: Download the *editable pages file of the document, edit and upload as a PDF, here’s how.

*file hereCurrentToDesired-1m7afb2

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1. Be sure to tag the learning outcomes explored in your post

2. Create a featured image for your post (consider using Adobe Spark to custom make your own, here’s how)

3. Remember to categorize your post under ‘CAS’

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