Digital Bytes – 24th September, 2018

Note Taking 

Another great post from Jennifer Gonzales. She looks at what the research says about students taking notes. Just a few of the things that the research tells us: Students remember better when they take notes, teaching note taking strategies is important, adding images to your notes will help you rememeber better, and providing instructor notes improves learning.

Developing Number Strategies

This ebook was developed to support teachers and parents to understand the different strategies student use when adding, substrating, dividing and multiplying. It is available from iTunes as a free download in many countries (although some countries don’t yet have the ability to access free iBooks). The book is full of examples and videos that help clearly explain the different strategies.

Want to Remember Something? Draw it.

You may have heard of Sketchnotes, but have you ever actually tried sketching or doodling instead of taking notes? Your ability to remember information is greatly increased if you draw.  Check out what the Yale researcher found out in reagrds to drawing instead of writing.