Digital Bytes – 18th March, 2019


Garageband, the App Ruling the Music Industry

This Rolling Stone article shares how the music app that we all have on our laptops and iPads is used by big names in the music industry. Its ease of use yet powerful ability to mix music is one of the reasons it has been so successful.

Approaches to Teaching and Learning

Sonya terBorg has created some excellent resources that she shares in this post that are based on the PYP Approaches to Teaching and Learning (ATL). As Sonya says in her post, ATLs are “an opportunity for discussions with learners about learning, a way to differentiate learning, a way to plan for new learning to occur.”┬áThese can be adapted for different schools and their specific ATLs.

Top 4 Tips to Spot Bad Science Reporting

Just in time for the start of the grade 5 exhibition, this 4 minute video to help students spot bad science reporting with four top tips. As educators, it is actually a good video for all of us to watch.

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