Green Resources for Spring Break


Flood Resilience Game (Spanish and English)

Download the game and learn more here

The Drawdown Solutions for Climate Change

Check out the solutions by rank or topic here

“The objective of the solutions list is to be inclusive, presenting an extensive array of impactful measures already in existence. The list is comprised primarily of “no regrets” solutions—actions that make sense to take regardless of their climate impact since they have intrinsic benefits to communities and economies.”

Climate Change in Fiji in VR: 'Our Home, Our People'

Learn more about the way that VR might help us think more about climate change:


Puerto Mauricio Development Conflict Simulation

Free Teacher Download here

“Part I: The coastal town of Puerto Mauricio is faced with a number of important development decisions. First, a large and cultural significant parcel of land is about to be sold. The two potential purchasers are a national environmental group and a local hotel owner – who plan to use the land is very different ways. At the same time, the environmental group is lobbying to destroy a nearby dam to preserve a surrounding estuary – much to the dismay of the local farmers who depend on the dam for irrigation. Finally, a high-tech firm is seeking to develop a nearby parcel of land and their plans involve bringing in light industry to this region. Stakeholders in this matter are coming together to see if they can reach an agreement on developments plans for the area. It is important that any agreement fits within the constructs of the Provincial Land Use Plan and National Sustainability Principles.”

“We envision a world where people live without fear of climate-induced catastrophe or nuclear war. The first step to taking meaningful action is to understand these challenges. Outrider’s interactive features and in-depth articles help you learn what’s at stake and how you can be a part of the solution.”


Climate Change Negotiations Game

Climate Change Time Machine

This series of visualizations shows how some of Earth’s key climate indicators are changing over time.


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